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The “Recently Viewed Products” section in Shopify is a feature often used in online stores to enhance the shopping experience and potentially increase sales. This section displays products that a customer has recently looked at on the website.

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The “Recently Viewed Products” section in Shopify can offer several benefits to both you as a seller and your customers:

  1. Enhanced User Experience: It provides convenience for customers who want to quickly revisit products they’ve shown interest in. This helps them compare items, make decisions, or remember specific products they were considering buying.
  2. Encourages Return Visits: By displaying recently viewed items, you can prompt visitors to return to your site. This serves as a subtle reminder of products they were interested in, potentially leading to a purchase they might have been contemplating.
  3. Personalization: It contributes to a more personalized shopping experience. Customers often appreciate feeling understood and catered to. Showing their recently viewed products can make them feel valued and understood as individual customers.
  4. Increases Conversion Rates: It can serve as a gentle nudge for customers who might have been hesitant to purchase a product earlier. Seeing the items they’ve shown interest in can prompt them to make a buying decision.
  5. Cross-selling and Up-selling Opportunities: You can strategically use this section to recommend related or complementary products based on what the customer has already viewed. This can increase the average order value by encouraging customers to explore additional products.


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